Fe y Esperanza

Choluteca, Honduras

Located near Choluteca in Southern Honduras sits the 130 person community of Fe y Esperanza (Faith and Hope.) Most of the people in this community live in homes made of mud bricks, many with tin roofs and almost all with dirt floors. About 80% of the community is in need of latrines and almost all have no water basin or eco stove. Because of the living conditions of this town, the main health issues are respiratory problems, gastrointestinal diseases, and hypertension from inadequate and poor nutrition.

In 2016, Forest Hill helped fund and construct a well for Fe y Esperanza.

“Thanks to the generous support of Forest Hill Church, families in Fe y Esperanza now have water. The drilling equipment arrived earlier and several days later water was found at 250 feet; the supply was deemed sufficient for the community. The HOI Community Director was there when the drillers struck water and she reported that there was much rejoicing, followed by the community gathering for prayer. ‘Once we found water, the community people gathered by the well to thank God for Forest Hill, and HOI, and for all of God’s blessings. Water is a huge blessing especially in the extra dry area of our country.’ The gift of a well, which will bring a water supply into the community, will be transformational and an answered prayer to these families.”

— Leslie Bobadilla de Echeverria
HOI Coordinator for Southern Honduras

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