Finding a Way


In 2015, Forest Hill committed its Christmas Eve offering to MountainChild — an organization committed to the most vulnerable in the highest elevations in Nepal’s Himalayan mountains — donating $605,000.

With the money given, MountainChild was able to rebuild the Ghap school that was entirely destroyed by the 2014 earthquake.

They were also able to build the Sama Learning Center. This school operates at 12,500 feet elevation and is a seven-day trek from the nearest road. The Sama Learning Center has a daily impact on more than 70 preschool aged children, provides multiple vocational training program, water, sanitation and hygiene programs, a greenhouse and farming program providing new varieties of produce for the village. This school is impacting the children and the entire village resulting in a ripple effect throughout the entire valley.

“Thank you for your partnership in our efforts amongst the impoverished children of the Himalayas. MountainChild’s approach is holistic in design with a strong dedication to addressing the root cause of poverty, social injustices, and indifference and the factors that lead to transformation. Because of your generous support, the work and purpose of carrying hope to the remote villages of Nepal is being accomplished by meeting tangible needs. Thank you for joining hands with us and being an integral part of this important project that will equip, empower, and lead to sustainable, life-giving change. Thank you for carrying hope.”

 — The MountainChild Leadership Team


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