Revival in the Middle East

Beirut, Lebanon

Resurrection Church Beirut (RCB) is a fast-growing evangelical church in Lebanon. They are committed to being used by God to bring people to himself across the Middle East and North Africa. RCB does this through weekly worship, small groups, discipleship, church planting, and various relief and development activities. Forest Hill is honored to partner with RCB as they grow.

Much has happened in the years since FHC began its partnership with RCB, but in the last year:

  • RCB has opened a new Iraqi campus which has more than 400 regular attendees and 32 LifeGroups.
  • More than two million Arab people are viewing RCB services through satellite TV and online platforms.
  • Increased care and spiritual formation has been provided for migrant workers, Syrian refugees, and at-risk Lebanese families and children.

In 2015 FHC gave its Christmas Eve offering of $320,000 to support RCB.


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