UrbanPromise provides Charlotte’s children and youth with the spiritual, academic, and social development necessary to become Christian leaders determined to restore their communities. Their vision is three-fold: Reach a Child, Raise a Leader, Restore Community. They fulfill this vision by reaching younger children through after-school and summer programs and by raising high school leaders who are employed as mentors and counselors (StreetLeaders) for the children who attend these programs.

The Forest Hill Church community helps UrbanPromise raise young Christian leaders by generously supporting UrbanPromise financially, sending adult mentors for our StreetLeaders, and sharing space at Forest Hill South Blvd.

With FHC’s Help:

  • 75 teenagers found employment, discovered purpose, and practiced servant-leadership as StreetLeaders.
  • 85 elementary school students from Starmount and Huntingtowne Farms grew an average of four months in their reading ability during UrbanPromise’s summer learning program last summer. This is particularly meaningful because students growing up in poverty typically lose two months of reading ability during the summer months.
  • 100% of UrbanPromise’s senior StreetLeaders in the class of 2017 graduated from high school on time and received college acceptance. Most will become the first in their families to graduate from college.

Visit UrbanPromiseCharlotte.org.

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